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Blackhawk SERPA Quick Disconnect Kit

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Blackhawk SERPA Quick Disconnect Kit

Now you can move your SERPA holster seamlessly between any SERPA platform with the Blackhawk SERPA Quick Disconnect Kit. The male adaptor is easily attached to the back of any SERPA Concealment or Duty Holster, while the female adaptor attaches to a wide variety of platforms, allowing for an easy transition from one platform to another. This attachment system is adjustable with a 360-degree rotation, giving you the ability to angle your holster at whichever angle is most efficient. When you need to adjust your gear at a moment's notice, this disconnect kit wastes no time helping you prepare for the next objective.

Features of Blackhawk SERPA Quick Disconnect Kit

  • Allows for a 360-degree rotation of the holster to optimize the placement of the handle
  • Release with a 2 button activation system
  • Female adaptor fits onto the Tactical Holster Platform, CQC Speed Clip Platform, Paddle Belt Mount, High Ride Duty Belt Mount, SERPA Shoulder Harness and Duty Jacket Slot
  • Male adaptor fits onto the back of any SERPA Concealment Holster or SERPA Duty Holster

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