Condor Hydration Bladder
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Condor Hydration Bladder

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Condor Hydration Bladder
The Condor Hydration Bladder keeps your water close and eliminates the need to stop or slow down to fight with a water bottle. This bladder uses a screw top cap to prevent leaking. Featuring hanger slots for easy mounting and drying, this is a portable yet practical bladder that won't spill or puncture. When you aren't using the product, simply use the flow shut-off switch to keep the water inside the bladder until you need it again. This bladder fits easily into most bags or backpacks and can be carried by hand with the handle built into the cap.

Features of Condor Hydration Bladder
Hanger slots for easy drying and mounting
Screw top cap with a carrying handle
Flow shut-off switch
Large bite valve with a lid

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