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Condor Torrent Reservoir (1.5 L)

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Condor Torrent Reservoir (1.5 L)

The Condor Torrent Reservoir (1.5 L) is equipped with quick-disconnect feature allows you convenient refill the reservoir without the hassle of removing & reinsert the drinking tube. In addition, the integrated built-in auto shut off valve stops water flow when disconnected. The large bite valve offers fast & unrestricted water flow when you need it most & quick shut-off valve when you don’t. Its low-profile design is compatible with all the Condor Hydration Packs.

Features of Condor Torrent Reservoir (1.5 L)

  • 1.5L water storage
  • BPA free
  • Quick Disconnect Valve
  • Large bite valve
  • Flow shut-off switch
  • Hanger slots for mounting and drying
  • TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)
  • Import

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